Deb Winters

General Manager & Volunteer Coordinator

Deb originally hails from Mt. Pleasant, Utah, but has lived in Moab since she was a teenager, roughly for 23 years now. She moved to Moab to start over with a change of scenery, to leave the past behind her, and to look forward with the hope that she would gain happiness and a new perspective on life. Deb joined WabiSabi's crew as an Assistant Manager back in 2019 and has since stepped into the role of General Manager as well as that of our Volunteer Coordinator. 

"I love the deep-seated values of WabiSabi and Wabi's drive to live up to our mission statement. WabiSabi is a hub for local nonprofits and a place for all people in our community to come together and forget our differences. Working at WabiSabi has been the most remarkable experience for me. We are able to utilize the programs and resources we have and we are connected to so many nonprofit organizations that if we can't fulfill a person or families needs, we can call our partner organizations on behalf of those in need and get them connected to the organization that has the ability to do so. Seeing the fear and anxiety in a person's face who is struggling change to relief and gratitude after spending just 15 minutes with them fills my heart and has fostered positive growth and hope in me. It is always reminding me that a simple act of kindness can ignite the fire of change in another person's life. The staff and volunteers at WabiSabi truly do live by the values of the organization as we all find the beauty in our own imperfections and rise above them." 

Deb is a recipient of the 2020 Utah Philanthropy Day 2020 Heroes Award for her efforts to provide COVID relief to the Moab community.

Outside of work, Deb loves to go on outdoor adventures with my family, hiking/exploring and she loves helping others any chance she gets!

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