Cassie Powers

Assistant Manager 

From Cassie: "My mind, body, and soul go into Wabisabi and our core mission. To utilize and bring together a community, by using outside resources, and existing matter, to pour love back into our home. Before Wabi, I had not worked in an atmosphere where each individual is so dedicated to showing up for their community and lending a helping hand in any way possible. When I first joined the Wabi team, the world was chaotic and experiencing a pandemic. Not even a pandemic could stop the Wabi warriors from supplying their community with second-hand goods in an effort to earn money for their Nonprofit Partners. Curbside assistance at a thrift store sure wasn’t the easiest task to take on, but managing to change your community with each couch you hauled out to the parking lot, each t-shirt you brought out for someone to look at... that movement was definitely a heartwarming reminder of true love for one’s community. To know, that showing up to Wabisabi means serving our nonprofit partners. I’m grateful for the Moab community who continues to donate their treasures for someone else to appreciate. So Moab, this is my thank you to you. Wabisabi wouldn’t be Wabisabi, if it wasn’t for you. 

Outside of this magical workspace, you’ll find me bopping around on roller skates, somewhere outside with my nose in a book, or just out with friends doing some wild activity. 

Again, thank you Moab & thank you Wabisabi for the Dino print you’ve made on my heart."

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