2022 Year in Review

Community Donations



Immediate Relief Vouchers

$62, 879

MAD Grants


Nonprofit Partner Awards

$23, 096

Discounts of Sales to Members of the Community



Served 275 Thanksgiving meals for Moab locals

Documented Volunteer hours: 1,869

100,000 lbs of Textiles Recycled and Saved from the Landfill


Our current 2023 non profit partners that we write checks to each month based off our token system are: Beacon After-school Program, Canyonland Field Institute, Grand Area Mentoring, Mindfulness in Education, Moab Free Health Clinic, Moab Solutions, Moab Valley Multicultural Center, and the Youth Garden Project. 

We hope to continue to grow these numbers and continue serving our amazing community. Our objective is to find more and more ways to support those in need and streamline resource distribution to reduce waste.  

By shopping at WabiSabi you have a direct impact on these numbers and your community! Thank you for helping us give back!

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