COVID-19 Community Fund for Nonprofits

Moab's nonprofit community needs your support!

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us, including our amazing network of local nonprofits. Moab's nonprofits embody what makes Moab "Moab." You can rely on them to provide shelter from a cold night, a new outfit for a job interview, keeping our outdoors clean, and even finding a beloved pet to make your family complete.

With the "closure" of WabiSabi's Thrift Store, many of our nonprofits will not receive the valuable funding they rely on from your thrifty purchases. COIVD-19 has had catastrophic impacts on our nonprofits financially. When surveyed, 25 organizations had already experienced a collective loss of over $75,000. Not only are our nonprofits losing money, they have also had to spend upwards of $21,000 on technology to continue operating in the wake of social distancing.

To help our nonprofits in this time of need, please consider donating to the COVID-19 Community Fund for Moab Nonprofits. All funds will go directly to Moab nonprofits economically afflicted by the pandemic. Your donation would mean so much, especially considering 60% of Moab's nonprofits have seen a decrease, and even a total halt, in monetary donations. By donating, you are ensuring the security of organizations that provide the most relief to our community members burdened economically & physically in the wake of COVID-19.

Bonus: an anonymous donor will match every dollar raised up to $5,000!!!!

 The COVID-19 Community Fund for Moab Nonprofits is organized by WabiSabi to support our Nonprofit Partners, and all Moab nonprofit organizations. Once our goal of $5,000 is reached (total of $10,000 in funding!) applications will open for local nonprofits to apply for funding!

Thanks so much for your support Moab!!!  

You can also contribute by donating to our Go Fund Me here

More information about WabiSabi

WabiSabi's mission is to increase the community impact of our local nonprofits by providing money, materials, and mentorship. We strive to help our local nonprofits thrive! WabiSabi runs nonprofit programming for the Moab community by fundraising through our beloved community donation-based thrift store!

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