2021 Partner Application

WabiSabi’s Nonprofit Partner Grant provides unrestricted funds and exposure for Moab’s nonprofits so they may further increase their community impact. 

The Partnership

Use WabiSabi Thrift Store as a fundraiser for your nonprofit organization! WabiSabi provides unrestricted funding, on a monthly basis, to our Nonprofit Partners based upon the number of tokens each partner organization receives in their jars at our thrift store. Purchases of $5 or more in the store receive a $1 token, which represents an actual dollar that will be donated to whichever nonprofit organization the customer selects, while purchases less than $5 receive a token valued at 10 cents.

In exchange for funding, we expect strong communication and promotion from our partners to help us better do what we do. In 2021, WabiSabi is seeking to create true partnerships with the organizations we serve. See the attached updated “2021 NPP Perks” chart & stay tuned for future updates on how your organization can partner with Wabi.

The more our partners promote WabiSabi, the more people shop at our thrift store which means more funding for our Nonprofit Partners! We rely greatly on hearing feedback from our partners to help us make our programs more effective!  

Who Are Our Partners?

WabiSabi seeks to partner with nonprofits that strengthen the Moab community and strive to wisely use their resources to provide for those in need. We hope to serve a diverse cross section of our community. With those guidelines in mind, WabiSabi’s Nonprofit Partners are selected to serve a large variety of ages, cultural backgrounds, and causes.  

WabiSabi tends to favor local grassroots organizations over local branches of state or national organizations and prefers nonpolitical and nonreligious organizations. WabiSabi requires applying organizations to have official nonprofit status.  

Quick Facts: 

  • For 2021, WabiSabi will have 10 Nonprofit Partner slots available
  • NPP checks are now awarded on a monthly basis
  • As a reflection of the democratic nature and community interaction inherent of WabiSabi, we will now have TWO partnership slots decided by a “Community Pick.” Whichever organization receives the most votes from an online community-wide poll will automatically receive partnership status
  • The remaining 8 slots will be decided by the WabiSabi Board of Directors 
  • All qualifying organizations are invited to apply for funding each year

Timeline for 2021 Partnerships 

September 1st: Nonprofit Partner Applications OPEN 

October 13th: NPP Applications CLOSE

November: Community Pick Facebook Poll 

December 1st: 2021 NPP decisions announced to applicants

January: New jars in store, press release to community, updated website

February: 2021 NPP Orientation, first checks distributed 

The NPP Application Process

To be accepted as a Nonprofit Partner, an organization must complete the attached application. This application is reviewed for selection by the WabiSabi Board of Directors. If accepted, Nonprofit Partners will be funded for one year starting in January, 2021. 

Please submit your Nonprofit Partner application electronically by Tuesday, October 13th, 2021 as a PDF or word document file e-mailed to (must include photo and other necessary attachments). Please note a hard-copy application is no longer necessary.  

If you have any further questions regarding the application process, please feel free to contact Megan at or call the office at 435-259-2553, M-F. Thank you!

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