Nonprofit Partner Program

2022 Nonprofit Partnerships! 2022 Nonprofit Partnerships!

Our Nonprofit Partner program is an entirely grassroots collaboration, designed to empower individuals to actively support their community by connecting with local nonprofits.


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Every time you make a purchase at WabiSabi's Thriftstore, a percentage of your purchase fundraises for Wabi's Nonprofit Partners!

Purchases under $5 will be awarded a 10¢ token, and purchases over $5 will get a $1 token.

At checkout each Nonprofit Partner has a jar where you drop your token of support to the partner of your choice! Our NPP”s receive monthly checks based on the number of tokens deposited in their jars for that month! Find out more information on our partners below. 


"When our nonprofits are strong, our community is stronger!"



2023 Nonprofit Partners

When you make a purchase at the thrift store, you get to choose which of these amazing 8 Moab nonprofits you would like your money to support! These partners receive money, materials, mentorship and +MUCH MORE as a WabiSabi Nonprofit Partner.



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