Didar Charles

Board Member

Didar, originally from Istanbul, Turkey, was born and raised in the vibrant and culturally rich city. Having a strong passion for engineering, Didar pursued and successfully earned a bachelor's degree in engineering.

In 2016, Didar embarked on a life-changing journey, leaving her hometown behind to make a new home in the enchanting desert landscape of Moab. Since then, Moab has become an integral part of her life and identity.

Moab's breathtaking natural beauty captured Didar's heart, and she has since immersed herself in the awe-inspiring outdoor experiences the region offers. Whether it's hiking through rugged canyons, setting up camp under the starry desert sky, or simply appreciating the serenity of the wilderness, Didar finds solace and inspiration in the embrace of nature.

Amidst the majestic landscapes of Moab, Didar discovered WabiSabi. Beyond being a mere thrift store, WabiSabi is a nonprofit organization that resonates deeply with Didar's values. She views WabiSabi as a powerful force for positive change within the community. It isn't just about recycling and repurposing; it's about nurturing a sense of togetherness, sustainability, and community well-being.

Didar finds immense joy in being an active member of the WabiSabi board. She is proud to contribute to an organization that does so much to enrich the lives of Moab's residents. Through her involvement, Didar embraces the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the community she now calls home.

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