How Wabi Sabi Supports Economic Opportunity in Moab

In the scenic landscapes of Moab City and Grand County, a quiet revolution has been unfolding over the past two decades. Wabi Sabi, a nonprofit established in 2002, has emerged as a consistent driver of economic stimulus and philanthropic support in the Grand County region, leaving a profound impact on the local community. As a large-scale retail operation that donates revenues to other nonprofits, Wabi Sabi has become an essential element in the economic and social fabric of the Moab.

The Power of Giving Back

Wabi Sabi's journey as a force for good began with a mission to support its community. Over the years, it has contributed nearly $2 million back to the community and local nonprofits. This generous support has had a significant impact on the region, enabling nonprofits to bolster their unrestricted operating funds, hire, train, and develop employees. 

Recipients include well-known names like the Youth Garden Project, Community Rebuilds, Moab Free Health Clinic, Moab Valley Multicultural Center, Moab Solutions, and many more. These organizations, once mere conceptual startups, have transformed into vital economic engines in the community, thanks in part to Wabi Sabi's contributions.

A Helping Hand to Those in Need

Wabi Sabi's impact goes beyond supporting nonprofits. The organization extends assistance to individuals in need through emergency vouchers for essential items such as clothing, furniture, and other necessities. Over the past four years, Wabi Sabi has provided $90,000 in assistance to those facing challenges, including the homeless population, ultimately making a tangible difference in the lives of community members. 

Fostering Community and Regional Initiatives

Wabi Sabi doesn't just stop at supporting local organizations; it also plays a substantial role in funding grants for special projects undertaken by nonprofits, school clubs, educational institutions, and special needs organizations. Additionally, their commitment extends to regional impacts by supporting initiatives of the Navajo Nation and other immigrant communities. Through these efforts, Wabi Sabi showcases its dedication to broad, inclusive, and equitable progress.

Repurposing and Revaluing

By repurposing second-hand donations of clothing, furniture, and books, Wabi Sabi divert’s an impressive 160,000 pounds of items from landfills each year. This aligns with their commitment to responsible consumption and environmental conservation. 

A Cycle of Giving

Wabi Sabi's contributions are not merely one-time gestures. They are part of a larger ecosystem that fosters job creation, retention, and development. Wabi Sabi provides funding to other nonprofit organizations, which, in turn, supports these vital economic aspects. Wabi Sabi's approach creates a virtuous cycle of giving that keeps the community's economic engine running.

Your Role in the Movement

Supporting Wabi Sabi isn't just about charity; it's about investing in other nonprofits in Moab City, Grand County, and the State as a whole. By contributing to Wabi Sabi, you directly play a role in driving economic development, job creation, and the sustainable welfare of Moab. Together, we can take a significant bite out of consumerism, promote responsible living, and ensure that the benefits of economic opportunity are enjoyed by all.

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